Meet the Owner

Core Effects is celebrating 7 years of fitness excellence.

Meet the Owner, Ariana Leonard

Ariana is an American College of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer, American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor,and previously certified Emergency Medical Technician.  Ariana has always been passionate about helping people with their health and wellness. In 2008 she became a volunteer EMT for Nokesville Fire and Rescue Department where she gained knowledge and expertise in the medical field, studying anatomy and physiology and emergency medicine. In 2010 Ariana became the Assistant Director of Personal Training for LA Fitness, learning how to apply her knowledge of  fitness, customer service and business.  In January of 2011, Ariana opened Core Effects.

In November 2012, Ariana competed in her first fitness competition, the National Gym Association’s Mt. Roger’s Drug Free Bodybuilding, Figure & Bikini Championships. While the feeling of accomplishment was great, this commitment had both positive and negative learning experiences. Ariana learned first hand, the emotional roller-coaster it can be to set rigid routines, face criticism and lack of support from others, and harsh side effects from the extreme change in training and nutrition. These experiences have influenced Ariana’s approach to fitness and nutrition, by learning from and avoiding mistakes she made such as sudden changes to her caloric intake and overtraining.  She now practices, and encourages, slow and steady changes to routines, allowing your body time to adapt. This method reduces the physical and mental stresses and pressures that come with starting a wellness plan, lowers the risk of regression, and promotes long-term effective adherence.

In August 2014, Ariana was featured on Your Health Magazine’s cover for ‘Women in Healthcare’. She published her article ‘Personal Training: Making a Change” and is listed as a featured professional.


A Message From the Owner

With 50% of the population suffering from chronic disease and over 65% of the population struggling with being overweight, why is that there are only a handful of personal trainers who can safely train the majority of clients? I have interviewed and worked with dozens of personal trainers and almost every single one specializes in sports/athlete/agility training, when this population may only makes up 10% of personal training clientele. Most trainers have very little to no understanding of the major medical illnesses that are the top causes of death in the United States and have very little experience in how these illness affect exercise prescription.

My name is Ariana and I am the owner of Core Effects. While there is no shortage of personal trainers available, I believe there is a serious deficit in trainers who are experienced and qualified in the type of training that the average population requires. When I speak with people about personal training I hear responses like “I’m not ready for personal training” or “You would kill me!” This perception of what a typical personal training experience resembles, stems from the overwhelming number of personal trainers who fail to accurately assess and prescribe exercise to meet a client’s needs.

Personal training is meant to be a service provided to the client at the client’s current level of fitness and customized to meet their needs. Unfortunately, this is not most people’s experience when they sign up for training. This is why I opened Core Effects.

What sets Core Effects apart from your typical personal training experience is my ability to evaluate a client’s current state of readiness. I build programs that focus on the immediate obstacles that prevent clients from starting and safely participating in exercise programs. I specialize in helping overcome and alleviate symptoms from medical disorders and chronic or acute pain so you can live better, making your day-to-day functions more comfortable. I focus on getting you to a point where you feel comfortable and confident working out, allowing you to tackle bigger health and fitness goals.