Why Choose Us?

Core Effects promotes positive lifestyle changes.

Why choose Core Effects?

  • Individualized programs– Tailored uniquely for each individual to reach goals quickly and safely. From kids to seniors, expectant moms to firefighters, gaining muscle or decreasing body fat…Core Effects creates a personal program. There is something for everyone!
  • Rehabilitation– Core Effects rehabilitation focuses on prevention and recovery from joint, muscle, tendon, and ligament injuries, often eliminating the need for surgery.  In addition to injury rehab, Core Effects specializes in core stabilization and strengthening exercises to prevent and recover from chronic neck and back
  • Overall Health Conditioning– Core Effects can help lower risk factors for injury and disease. Physical activity is proven to aid in the recovery from many medical conditions including hypertension, diabetes, poor circulation, sleep apnea, and more.  All clients will experience positive results in the way that their body functions on a day to day basis throughout the training program. Physical activity benefits the circulatory, respiratory, digestive, and immune systems regardless of personal fitness goals.
  • Easy to schedule– The great thing about personal training is you set the schedule!  Whatever your schedule, there is a spot for you!
  • Online Training– Can’t make it to the studio? Don’t worry! Core Effects offers online training, providing you with a guided and customized workout right to your phone via our specialized app.
  • Supportive Community– One of the MOST important factors in staying committed to your goals is feeling comfortable in the gym, with your trainer, and the other gym members.  If you like to work out one-on-one, work with a buddy or in a group, Core Effects can help you to get started in a positive environment that works for you.
  • Complimentary Consultation- Core Effects offers a FREE consultation to all prospective clients whether or not they choose to work with our personal trainers because we believe in sharing our knowledge and expertise to inspire long term, healthy lifestyle patterns. The consultation is an opportunity for you to meet one on one with a Core Effects personal trainer so we can help guide you towards the necessary steps in reaching your health and fitness goals.

Our mission is to inspire long term, healthy lifestyle patterns. We share our knowledge and expertise in the health and fitness industry with our clients, helping them take steps towards reaching their goals and living a healthier life.
Accomplishing Our Mission

The Core Effect Team actively participates in community outreach and education to accomplish our mission.

Ariana held a wellness seminar at National Science Foundation, educating the employees on different dimensions of wellness and how to reach them, as well as what to expect from personal training. National Science Foundation employees took advantage of one on one consultations with Ariana for a day.  Most recently we presented “5 Healthy Choices that Sabotage Your Results” at ACT Wellness Center in the same shopping center as our studio.

Ariana has been a part of  “Women in Healthcare” cover feature in ‘Your Health Magazine’ and published her article “Personal Training: Making a Change.”

The Core Effects Team regularly reaches out to the community, offering free personal training sessions and one-on-one consultations when we visit a variety of locations. We participate annually in the Stonebridge Spring Festival and Fall Festivals, Taste of Woodbridge events, as well as, Tropical Smoothie’s National Flip Flop Day, a fundraiser for Camp Sunshine. We took part in the One Umbrella Foundation SpringFest 2014 and Alexandria Running Festival in May 2015.


Scheduling a Complimentary Consultation with potential client at our March 1, 2014 Open House

CPR/AED Instructor with Core Effects Owner meeting potential new clients.












“It is my mission to help others reach their fullest potential whether that requires recovering from an injury or illness, reaching a fitness goal, losing excess weight, lessening their dependency on medications, making healthy lifestyle changes, or anything that helps you become the best version of yourself!”

~Ariana Leonard