Ritchie E.

"I first saw Ariana and witnessed how she trained when I worked out at LA Fitness. I thought she did an excellent job with the people she was training. About a year and five trainers later, I saw Ariana at Sport & Health. She informed me that she was still training and had her own business now. I scheduled an appointment and discussed my injuries and fitness goals. After the meeting, I decided to train with her. 

After the first three sessions, I knew that she was the trainer I needed. What she stated in the initial meeting is actually what she did when we trained. She helped strengthen my core, back, and legs. She did this by developing workouts that achieved results but did not cause pain.

I have been training with Ariana for almost a year and I feel good about going to the gym again. The joy of working out is back!!! It may take a while but I set a goal to start competing again in fitness events. If you are looking for a great trainer who can help with rehabilitation, strength training, dieting or just getting fit, give Ariana a call. The rates are awesome as well."


Terry S.

"Ariana was recommended to me several years ago after an unsuccessful session with a physical therapist when I was having trouble with my hip. With simple exercises and foam rolling, Ariana was able to reduce my pain and bring me back to almost full mobility in less than 2 weeks! Amazing! Since then I have had a left hip replacement and she helped me restore my strength on the left side. Now I am just happy to have her continue building my muscles and keeping me in shape. "


Jessyca B.

"Ariana and Nate both helped me get in shape and establish a fitness routine before my wedding.  They are both terrific!! The difference from when I had my first fitting in my wedding dress until I put it on the day of my wedding was very noticeable. My arms and shoulders were toned and I had lost 10 lbs. I wasn't looking to lose weight I was really wanting to get in shape and they well exceeded my expectations. I have been to a lot of gyms and done Pilates, spinning classes, yoga, boxing, and had a trainer before but these two are by far the BEST!!  The exercise routines are individualized and challenging."

Alex N.


"Core Effects is very different from your typical gym. They have a great studio in Woodbridge that gives you a personal feel about it. The owner and trainers are extremely knowledgeable, they sit down with you to understand your goals and guide you on how to achieve them. The personal training is in depth and they teach you how to do exercises properly so you can work out from home as well. I would highly recommend doing a group session as well, they offer a wide variety. I can’t say enough, you should just go and try it for yourself."

Dan M.

"I started training with Ariana in early 2012 and it was a perfect match from the beginning. I came to her at age 64 with a significant injury and imbalance issues. Since my association with Ariana and Core Effects, I have learned the proper way to train. Each [session] is different and gives me a variety of top notch training methods.  Each and every training session is extremely intense.  Absolutely nothing is easy but if it were everyone would be doing it. I have learned the importance of form and balance.  More than once I have been stopped during a set if the form was not correct. Ariana constantly has me do things that work on this.  Many times, I’ve been frustrated because of things I try and can’t do.  But Ariana is always encouraging and has me keep trying.  She never loses patience and in this area I’ve shown significant improvement since I started with her.  Another area that is special to me is how outstanding Ariana is in training clients that are older and/or with injuries."


"It's been 7 years since I started training with Ariana and Core Effects. I have learned so much more since then. One big thing I’ve realized is that the trainer/client relationship is a partnership with each person having responsibilities to which he or she must be accountable. For example, it is upon me to use the tools Ariana has provided me. This has proved especially important as this year we are experimenting with me working out more often on my own. Ariana has never hesitated to answer any questions or provide any guidance I ask for. She epitomizes the fact that the best trainer works WITH not FOR his or her client.

Core Effects has become so much more than a place to train. It is a place I know I’m welcome and wanted. It has become my “happy space”. All I have to do is walk through the door to the studio and all my troubles go away. I only want to be as good a client as Ariana and Core Effect have been a trainer and a friend. "


Yadira C.

"I had worked with personal trainers in the past and found that I did well when guided through an exercise regimen. However, when I moved to Woodbridge, I decided to join a big name gym and do it alone. After two years of throwing money at something I was not really utilizing and packing on the pounds, I decided to try personal training again and turned to Core Effects. Following my initial assessment, Ariana advised me to join their Women’s Small Group (WSG) to slowly build my strength as my body transitioned out of the sedentary rut I had been in. WSG has been the best money I have spent on my health. The group provided a comprehensive strength-conditioning workout that I needed to build up my stamina and muscles. And, the time and the group setting worked for me. I especially enjoy the personal attention and challenge of the exercise routines. Core Effects has really helped me reassess how I look at my health. Ariana was patient and knowledgeable in helping me realize how to balance diet and exercise. After the first month of doing the WSG training, I immediately noticed I was less tired throughout my day. I was no longer sluggishly reaching for coffee and a snack in the mid-afternoon to get me through my workday. Over time, I have noticed the weight loss and a toner body. I highly recommend Core Effects and the WSG to any woman looking to get serious about their overall health."


Caroline B.

"I have been working with Ariana for over three years, and am pleased to be able to say that I have maintained a weight loss of over 50 lbs, and feel like I am in better shape now than I have been in decades! I have muscle definition and feel terrific – no more aches and pains. Ariana is able to apply her vast knowledge of anatomy and fitness to our personal training sessions. She has a very down-to-earth and positive manner, which keeps me motivated. Her intelligence and creativity translate into workouts that never bore me. Her commitment and passion to her field is obvious to all that work with her. It is no surprise that she has a dedicated following, which includes me. I am certain that with her help, I will soon reach both my weight and fitness goals. I also already know that, with her expert help, I will be able to fully recover from a recent knee injury (torn meniscus due to participating in an aerobics class led by someone else); if it hadn’t been for my workouts with Ariana, I would be in awful pain and would have very limited mobility. I have worked with other trainers in the past, and Ariana is, by far, the most effective personal trainer I have ever come across. I am, indeed, very grateful to have her as my trainer."


Liz M.

"When I walked into Ariana's studio I was  a tired stooped-shouldered senior with little stamina. My lifestyle was busy with sedentary activities like painting, mosaics and singing. Several of my friends recommended Ariana for a personal trainer. I liked her immediately because she asked me what were my limitations and goals. We went through a series of exercises to help her determine my levels of abilities, which were pretty low. Each day we meet she asks me about my current wellness and designs a program to address any particular weaknesses or soreness. I am educated while training and corrected to the right position to get the maximum benefit. She mixes up my exercises so I don't get bored or stale and watches me carefully so I don't over stress any weakened or damaged joints. As a result of working with Ariana, I now have better core strength, coordination, balance, and stamina. I am also walking upright like a much younger woman."